Nicky Thompson

Freelance interface development and consultancy


I'm an experienced freelance interface developer and I'm currently looking for projects. You can email me if you think I can help you.

My core development skills are expertise in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, including various JavaScript templating systems and frameworks, and of course Less/Sass (and the associated organisation techniques). I've also used Rails, PHP and Actionscript.

I do my best work when collaborating in an agile team; I have experience with Scrum, TDD, pairing, and planning & managing front-end projects. I like making beautiful sites that work for everyone.

I'm fun to have around the office but I can work remotely too.

You can read more about what I do. I also recently gave a talk about accessibility at Ember London.

I've most recently been working at FutureLearn. Previously I was UI Lead at, and in between I've freelanced in London and Jakarta and run my own small web agency.